Cleaning dry residues of adhesive, cement, and grout from tiles

A crucial factor in the quality installation of tiles is the timely cleaning of adhesive and grout residues from the tile surface. The biggest disappointment can occur shortly after renovation when you notice that residues of adhesive, grout, or cement cannot be removed with conventional detergents. Solutions exist, but they require proper application and primarily testing on a small tile surface, as these products are acid-based.

The Delta Plus Eco product is an acidic cleaning agent without solvents. It is suitable for use on ceramic tiles that are resistant to acids. It is not intended for use on marble, stone, and other natural materials. Delta Plus Eco is a corrosive substance. Before use, all surfaces that could be negatively affected (e.g., doors, windows, furniture, batteries, etc.) should be protected. Protective equipment such as a mask, gloves, and goggles is strongly recommended for anyone using professional cleaning products.


After testing on a small surface where you have determined that the product is acid-resistant, prepare the substrate and start cleaning as follows:

  1. Clean the substrate from dust. Concrete, colored plaster, and grout must be completely hardened before cleaning.
  2. Delta Plus Eco product is green and can be diluted with water based on the characteristics of the substrate being cleaned.
  3. The product must be shaken well before opening to ensure good mixing of the liquid.
  4. Apply Delta Plus Eco to the surface and let it act for some time (10-20 minutes, depending on the substrate being cleaned), then mechanically rub it with abrasive brushes. If it is a larger surface, we recommend using electric devices with rotating discs with coarse sponges. The process is repeated in case of heavier soiling.
  5. After cleaning, it is essential to thoroughly clean the surface from residues of the cleaning agent.

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